My website reaches As you can tell, I already implemented the theme and every one of the menus with my very own code. I needed to set up WordPress on my small site and so i could simply key in my posts using blogging platforms and WordPress would then generate home page and my view publish pages. I Quickly can use Disqus for comments. It is possible to WordPress I possibly could have that wouldn't completely mess up things i have previously done? Where?

I'm a WordPress novice. I'm wondering what degree of publish format personalization, i.e. embedded advertisements, I possibly could get with WordPress. Would I be best just doing the dirty work myself? Finally, can one get Disqus comments with no blogging interface (with my very own php setup)? I understand that's lots of questions. Thank you for any solutions.

WordPress is made to dominate everything related to page generation, so you will not have the ability to do the installation in the manner you describe.

The nearest approach is always to convert your overall content into Wordpress posts and pages, as well as your styling right into a Wordpress theme. But this is not the type of factor to recommend to some Wordpress novice.

You will save yourself lots of work by jumping into Wordpress with both ft. Begin with a nearby (non-public) installation so you've a sandbox where screwups aren't visible. Look for a theme that's adequate - don't search for something the same as that which you have. Once you are comfortable, replace your present website with a brand new Wordpress installation, getting first replicated off all of your content. Recreate your overall site using Wordpress being an engine, and work after that.