I am using joomla and acesef like a wordpress plugin and I have to obtain the full querystring out of the box. The issue is after i use $_SERVEr['QUERY_STRING'] it consists of the joomla QS isntead of my custom parameters.

A javascript or PHP solution would do. thanks

Edit: Sample URL world wide web.test.com/sc/my-account.html?action=payment-method I wish to get


Rather I recieve


Your Joomla setup most likely includes a mod_rewrite rule inshtaccess that's disregarding the initial GET parameters and spinning the entire GET query string, you will need to hack the right path in to the .htaccess file.

Or stop using Joomla.

You do not get what's within the URL, you receive exactly what the server hands you. Which includes parameters added by items like mod_rewrite. If you want specific parameters then index $_GET[] properly, otherwise accept it.

Found the one which solves my problem var qs = window.location.search.substring(1)

Thanks everybody SO rocks :)