No-one can make sense at all from the character salad in the finish of the publish.

Should you really do, you will need a good hex editor. And then you will want to meticulously reverse engineer.

Most likely, you will notice offsets near the important thing strings, or else you will see blobs that report the offsets of strings towards the offsets of other blobs.

Basically had been compensated to get this done, I'd most likely write some tools to find things, like 2 or 4-byte amounts that match the offsets from the strings. That's, I'd go ahead and take kind of readable dump you've, and employ it as input to some search process to try and exercise the dwelling from the file.

it might be a large job, and, in the finish, it might be gigantically dangerous to make use of the resulting understanding to change personal files. Whether it breaks, what will you do?