When Django expires, it handles 500 errors. When Django is screwed, mod_python will throw a simplistic "Internal Server Error." This really is referred to well within the paperwork in the link that follows:


My question: It is possible to method to override that "Internal Server Error" page without overriding all Django 500 pages? The only method I'm able to find to override it's by messing around with Apache's ErrorDocument setting, that will then override all 500s, whether handled by Django or Apache.

It is possible to method to negotiate that so Django handles Django errors, but still personalize the default message? I would like to know.

Thanks ahead of time!

For your VirtualHost or that configuration, you are able to specify the Apache HTTP 500 Error. Applying custom error messages is simple

Just add the road for your apache configuration

ErrorDocument 500 http://www.example.com/error_500.html 

To learn more: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/custom-error.html