I am creating a website using Wordpress. The Wordpress-Occasions wordpress plugin has been accustomed to display a listing of approaching occasions. Things I require is for individuals to have the ability to confirm their attendance at any particular event.

Wordpress-Occasions is a little awkward for the reason that it's customised utilizing a template that's only capable of being edited using the Wordpress admin; I used this template in conjunction with the Wordpress 'Loop' to develop a form for every event that may be completed and posted. Then i would use jquery to toggle the display of every form in order to not result in the page massive. This plan of action flattened after i wasn't in a position to implement any type validation.

Things I have finally is a listing of occasions on a single page, along with a confirmation form on another. Things I now require is to pull the big event title, date and placement in the selected event, and pass them across to be used within the form. However , wordpress' permalink structure does not appear to let me give a variable (ie. example.php?variable=1 ).

It's possible to get this done?

thanks ahead of time, Greg.

I've attempted both GET and Publish without any effect. For those who have PHP processing a GET variable on the Wordpress Page, the URL is:


And PHP isn't realizing this whatsoever.

Unless of course you modified something, as they are Wordpress will help you to use GET variables, since it uses them as well (for previewing posts).

Should you installed something which removed all the GET parameters, you might like to un-install that. But as they are Wordpress enables you to use GET parameters.