Here's my website:

Spot the food selection "Photos and Results". Hover regarding this and you'll see sub menu products. I wish to have the ability to click the sub-menu products however the primary food selection should not be considered a page or perhaps be clickable. The only method i possibly could understand this item around the menu was to really make it a webpage. It is possible to method to simply have a food selection which has sub menu products to content, however the actual food selection is not clickable? I believed about using JQuery to get rid of the anchor tag, but that's a genuine hack and I wish to determine if there's an simpler way.

Thanks ahead of time!

One option is to make use of Page Links to wordpress plugin and hang the primary link as '#' . I attempted this and delay pills work during my blog.

How about while using jQuery.remove to get rid of the element?

something similar to this:

function removeLinkAttrib() {
  var attrib =  jQuery(#menus).find("a").attr("Photos and Results");

I am unsure if $(attrib).remove works, however, you obtain the picture :)