How do i produce a Layer with an Image, or Image on another Image? since it does not allow me to do this, only layer close to the image.

You options come lower to 2 methods:

1) Composite them around the client, within the browser, by protecting a mostly-transparent image within the primary one. This really is most likely simpler, as well as html and css abilities, but would be the same technique no matter when the server running Asp.internet or otherwise. However it has got the drawback that somebody you never know what they're doing can take out the entire image from behind the overlay. This might be something you worry about.

2) Composite them around the server. This can be done insInternet using versions about this technique. It'll use more server CPU, only the finished image is distributed towards the client. It's appropriate in which the image differs for each user, or you won't want to send the look with no overlay.

You could utilize a transparent png or presen for that transparent layer and employ position:absolute or position:relative inside your style or css to put it within the first layer.