I've a current website written is Perl and also have lately added a WordPress blog and BBPress forums. Each one of the three systems features its own login mechanism.

To create mtss is a little cleaner I've integrated WordPress and BBPress make it possible for single sign-on between your two systems which is effective. I would now like to take the next phase and integrate things further to ensure that when some registers with this site our Perl scripts produce a new WordPress user, a brand new BBPress user (if required) and logs the consumer into the 3 systems.

Also, whenever a customers returns towards the site, Let me log it well into the 3 systems. I'd appreciate any advice regarding how to best make this happen.

Why don't you use LDAP or much like unify the login, instead of create plenty of accounts?

Is dependent on where perl stores it's data, in the event that user data it stores is file-based, then just read individuals files, and integrate perl customers with wordpress customers.

Reverse engineering might be the solution, if you are feeling spunky. Setup a clear WordPress database and dump the SQL released through the application while studying the user registration flow. Rinse, repeat for just about any other WordPress flows that you might want to emulate inside your Perl application.

OpenID implementation, possibly? If you would like some kind of federated login standard that isn't LDAP. There's most likely a wordpress plugin for your if there's one for LDAP.