I am searching at trying a task for class and included in it I will have to produce a "disk" to permit customers to create some files (e.g. a RAM disk). I have used various languages, but I am most acquainted with Java (I possibly could maybe use C# and obtain it completed in time). I am wondering what's available that may do that.

I have checked out Commons VFS, JLAN and Alfresco and that i might have the ability to make use of the latter two but I am wondering if you will find other available choices. At this time I am searching at Java 7 that we read has new I/O stuff that can help... Truly the primary factor I have to determine here is a method to map a drive. For instance, AFAICT, Commons VFS would allow me to access files somewhere (like FTP), but how do i present this access like a drive letter or share this is often planned?


Update: To become more obvious, what I am attempting to do (generally) is create something similar to Dropbox. I wish to possess a drive letter/be part of Home windows however the back-finish is going to be something apart from a nearby disk (like another machine around the LAN which runs a server component). I have to a minimum of code the rear-finish logic to transfer data, but am unsure how you can "glue" it into Home windows so that it seems to become a disk or network share... It appears that with a couple kind of CIFS service and subjecting that towards the OS might take advantage sense.

You can test Microsoft's own RAM disk driver, whether it still creates current Home windows versions: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/257405

Or maybe you simply need a drive letter, try the subst command.

Should you really have to program an answer, the easiest way I'm able to think about is developing a file in which you emulate your personal simple file system (record store) and supply some interface whereby the consumer can manage files. I.e. an online file system.

I'm not sure if current Home windows versions come with an equal to OS X's disk images, which may simplify things for you personally.

It is a little unclear what you are really needed to complete.