I must determine if you'll be able to re-size and re-position a greybox or shadowbox window to show inside a certain div element?

I'm developing a template for any wordpress site, and i'm while using default calendar, however when you click to start dating ? within the calendar, the default action would be to open it up up inside a new window.

Will it be easy to mod greybox or shadowbox in a way that after clicking on the date, this area reveals within the calendar exhibiting the contents inside it, rather than a brand new page?

Or perhaps is there one other way of experienceing this preferred result, maybe with jQuery or Javascript?

Any help could be greatly appreciated, thanks ahead of time!

jQuery UI includes a widget known as Dialog that may achieve your result. You could utilize it such as this:

$(document).ready( function() {

    // This will initialize the dialog box and hide it by default.
    // You can find a list of most options here: http://docs.jquery.com/UI/Dialog
        autoOpen: false,
        modal : true,

    // This will select the links like you specified
    $('#wp-calendar a').click( function(e) {
        e.preventDefault() // Disable the link from going to a new page
        var url = $(this).attr("href"); // Pull the HRef for the link for making the AJAX request

        // This will make an AJAX request and put the result in the dialog.
        $("#dialog").empty().load(url, function() {

            // This is the callback for when the AJAX request finishes
            // All it does it open the dialog, which now has data in it

Note: You'd have to install jQuery UI with this, and you will most likely wish to educate yourself on Dialog here. You will need to take more steps if you would want this to degrade beautifully, and based on your markup. Should you could publish a snippet of the "day" around the calendar, I'm able to attempt to tailor it for your needs.

Edit: Allows state that the file that return the made page for that event is "/ajax/event.php?id=123", you'd first wish to avoid the link's default behavior (of moving to a different page) then you would use jQuery's load function to load an put together URL's data in to the dialog once that request completes, you would open the dialog. I have edited to code to do this, and it'll degrade beautifully for user that do not have JavaScript enabled.