To restate the question:

I own the domain title. My actual webhost (thanks to a buddy) is a

I would like individuals to have the ability to visit and find out The truth is, I only want the URL bar to exhibit

I have been studying and experimentation with mod_rewrite, but can't quite decipher it. Is whatsoever possible?

You could just host a fundamental web site by having an iframe. How complicated may be the site? Who provides your dns - sometimes there is a web sending setting for this purpose.

And are you certain you cannot just alter the domain title on the website you're tugging from?

You'll need a CNAME record inside your DNS that aliases as

If you and your friend don't get access to, or don't understand how to customize the DNS server... Contact the Host Company that's hosting the website, they ought to know how to create DNS CNAME records properly. The wiki above includes a couple of good examples of the items a CNAME record appears like.