I'm focusing on an evaluation server by having an Oracle 11g installed. I'm wondering if there's anyway I'm able to replicate the database(atmosphere + data) on my small local Linux machine. I'm utilizing a CentOS 5.3 on Home windows XP with SUN Virtual Box. On Home windows I'm using sqldeveloper client for connecting towards the 11g database.

You will find various ways to maneuver the information over:

  • Restore an RMAN backup in your test server
  • Export and import the information using exp/expdp/imp/impdp
  • Export and import utilizing a transportable tablespace (Further Info)
  • Use database links to copy the information using SQL

You should use the Database Configuration Assistant to develop a template out of your production database. This provides you with all of the parameters and tablespaces, amongst other things. You will have to tweak the configuration somewhat for example the file pathways might be wrong, plus some parameters may require downsizing. After that you can feed that template into DBCA to clone the database you Linux machine.

To obtain the schemas and data you need to use Data Pump (as opposed to the older Import / Export utlities). This is often elope the command line or from PL/SQL.

Keep in mind that using production data inside a development or test atmosphere can lead you to run foul of information protection laws and regulations along with other compliance issues. It is dependent on which the application does and what jurisdiction you operate under. But when your production system consists of citizens' private data you have to be careful. You will find items available that will apply hiding included in an information import process (Oracle sells one) however they are usually costly. Moving your personal hiding product could be tricky: if the is applicable for your situation make sure to get the compliance staff (legal team) involved early.

I recommend you put in Oracle XE that is free of charge in your local in case your development isn't something that's associated with core database features. After that you can make use of the techniques given above to function data into Oracle XE and compile your code onto it, though for development I do not think you'd need data around that being produced.