I'm not sure if anybody might help me. During my job, I inherited a totally undocumented database (Oracle 11). To date, I have handled to map the majority of the tables and see what's happening where. However, you will find a couple of posts which i weren't in a position to decipher.

Can there be a way of discovering how's the information within the column built? This isn't a manual input. Everything appears to suggest towards the data being caused by an entry inside a different column inside a different table.

It may be a hopeless task, but every suggestions could be more than welcome.



Possibly the information has been placed inside your mystery posts using a trigger? Try searching within the PL/SQL source table within the dictionary:

SELECT owner, name, type, line
  FROM dba_source
   AND type = 'TRIGGER';  -- use or omit this as desired.

This can enable you to get pointed in certain possible places to appear.

Best of luck!

You are able to retrieve the entire DDL for any table while using DBMS_METADATA package.

Choose dbms_metadata.get_ddl('TABLE', 'YOUR_TABLE_NAME', 'YOUR_USER_NAME')

FROM dual

If individuals posts are actually calculated posts then this ought to be visible within the DDL for that table.

Alternatively you should use SQL Developer to exhibit the DDL for that table

I'm supposing that you have the sql that's under consideration.

select table_name from dba_tab_columns
where column_name = 'COLUMN_YOU_WANT_TO_KNOW'

will give you all tables which contain a column title that you're searching for. If you don't have dba rights you should use all_tab_posts rather (that will show all tables your bank account would get access to).