I have got 20+ sites on the Wordpress 3.x install. One of these has engaged a third party Search engine optimization firm that's producing static pages they would like to serve under their domain.

For instance, domain.com/house is a Wordpress page, but domain.com/search engine optimization is definitely an html page produced with this third party.

The customer wants FTP access for that third party to have the ability to manage these static files. They will not sort out Wordpress.

Ultimately I have to have the ability to do that for those sites.

Any suggestions? Thanks ahead of time!!

Try the redirection wordpress plugin. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/redirection/

It enables you to definitely specify easily subfolders which wordpress will go through. I haven't attempted it on the multi-site installation. however , because it stores everything the in DB I am unable to think about grounds it will not work.

After that you can simply setup a FTP login for that Search engine optimization to visit direct towards the subfolder.