Hey men, and so i lately bought an inexpensive vps that i can experiment with, to get accustomed to dealing with linux, command line, and servers.

I in addition have a shared webhost which i host my website on.

For the time being, I wish to keep my website on my small shared webhost until I fully discover working with my vps, then I'll gradually start moving projects, ect over.

And So I have my domain, (I.E domain.com) connected or whatever to my shared host. But I wish to like, assign a subdomain to my vps, is possible? Like vps.domain.com?

For instance, I had been establishing webmin, can one setup my domain when ever Time passes to vps.domain.com:10000, it really would go to the website, (and that i don't mean redirection), as though I would it's ip

How do i do that? I purchased my domain from namecheap, and my shared webhost is applying cpanel, I'm able to provide more details if everyone need.

You need to simply create a b resource record for vps.example.com. Usually it can be done within the configuration panel from the provider you've registered example.com with.

When i wish to redirect a subdomain to elsewhere, i am developing a "An archiveInch within the zone file from the DNS.

"An archiveInch are most generally accustomed to map hostnames for an Ip from the host.

Inside your situation the "An archiveInch is going to be something similar to "vpn" =>

As you're able to create subdomain in DNS configurations there's not a problem, tools like freedns.ws are type of great for this.

Just Login, produce a subdomain and also have the DNS records from the VPS designated towards the subdomain, also you may want to give a new record towards the primary domain title record, cause by deafult you've *.domainname.com meaning all subdomain, you can include the brand new subdomain and also have it indicate the VPS.

I suppose which should get it done