I setup an easy form with Chronoform V4. Among the area have to be kinda dynamic.

for instance, are you aware your id, if so, then input id. otherwise, then you will find other filelds have to be filled, for example title, birthday, sex etc.

but when you realize the id, individuals fields ought to be gray out or something like that etc.

How do i do that in joomla? Many thank

Your best choice? Visit the forums at www.chronoengine.com - not just would be the designers super friendly, I've come across them custom code stuff for his or her customers more occasions these days.

They are fully aware the stuff best and can certainly have the ability to assist you to.

Nevertheless, you will find methods to add custom code clips to chronoforms - I suggested using javascript to complete your ultimate goal. I've done such like and chronoforms + javascript = wonderful result.

If you have produced your form using their wizard, get into your forms and click on Wizard Edit. After that around the right hands side you need to see an 'Events' tab - click that.

Within the 'On Load' event, you will want to add 'Load JS' in the menu around the left. You'll be able to open that, and add your javascript to manage your options. The javascript will load once the form does and you will control the consumer choices just how you are asking for.