I am utilizing a GoDaddy hosting account to host multiple domain names. How do i show a custom 404 for all these domain names?

All the non-primary domain names have been in folders within the cause of the main domain.

I attempted setting the custom domain page within the hosting account choices for the main domain to some 404.php that then rerouted errors about the non-primary domain names to their personal particular 404.html.

It appeared as if this:



if(strpos($ref, "otherdomain.com"))

elseif(strpos($ref, "otherdomain2.com"))


world wide web.mydomain.com/error/' )


No dice. Surely this can be a common request however i can't appear to learn how to allow it to be hpapen. Has anybody had success with this particular technique?

Produce a separate .htaccess file in each folder with it's own group of rules.

ErrorDocument 404 http://otherdomain.com/404.html