It is possible to method to stop Apache creating error_log files using .htaccess ?

There's most likely no method of doing that apart doing something funny like

ErrorLog "|/bin/true"

has you can observe within the manual this directive is just obtainable in a server config along with a virtualhost. If you wish to remove certain log entry for particular Web addresses, you may make a script that will filter individuals lines and employ something similar to:

ErrorLog "|/path/to/your/"

On a single fashion you are able to lower the log level to virtually nothing with this:

LogLevel emerg

this will not avoid getting the file but it might be most likely couple of lines lengthy or byte. You also cannot use .htaccess to that particular, you need accessibility server config.

Last point, I'm not really sure what you're planning to complete but log files are valuable security information and you will need them just in case you need to investigate some problems, security occasions (hack, audit) as well as statistics. Whether it's an issue you've an excessive amount of logs, I advice you to definitely have a look at log rotation software, maybe cronolog would enable you to keep it in check better.