I'm focusing on the sunday paperOrprofile application that's supposed to have been readable offline, saved being an icon around the webpage.

This really is using lots of images, but as i will keep the pictures lower to some respectable size (200 KB or less, with modifications for apple iphone versus iPad) the total amount for that page exceeds the five Megabytes limit for any web application cache.

I've attempted the cache manifest, but when the unit is switched off or I obvious the cache (that we perform a lot while developing) the details are gone forever (and doesn't get resaved basically go to the saved site while online again).

I'm exploring using base64 to keep the more compact symbols inside a CSS file, but am unsure concerning how to develop a local storage database for that additional information (skills, images, text, etc) that'll be persistent without having to be associated with the Safari cache.

Is even possible?

(The project will probably be a wide open source posting engine, so more and more people can make digital 'zines for that iPad.)

you cannot...

if you're restricting the application to some web application around the apple iphone, your choices are restricted to what's provided around the device. In my opinion sqlitedb with mobile safari is restricted to 5MB.

You are able to consider technology like PhoneGap which supplies a wrapper around HTML5 internet based programs on multiple platforms. This wrapper provides you with accessibility native device and you could store additional data around the device in flat files around the native database with no 5MB limit