How do i store a relevant video (in both database or file system) to ensure that rather than beginning streaming from beginning I'm able to start this streaming from the fix index.

Primary goal is much like I've got a large video of streets of recent You are able to in one finish with other and corresponding map of recent You are able to save money on a central server. Now a person reveals the web site and chooses the 2 points into the spotlight of recent You are able to and video of road between individuals two points begins streaming, not from beginning but from first indicate second point distributed by user.

So primary requirement would be to store a relevant video using its indexes such will be able to start streaming from the index.

Edited Part : Really I'm planning how you can store video of complete city in order to show it to user whenever he chooses it on map. Now Primary question i believe is can one merge video for those streets in a single video like various linked lists (Streets). Like if you will find two turns at particular point then rather than storing two videos from there for various path can one store these questions single video so that which video you need to play will be based upon beginning and ending point selected by user and least path between individuals two points, But could I store video of streets like a single video.

How do i do that, does it rely on stream mechanism or on storage ?



I suppose this all is dependent around the capacity of the playing/streaming mechanism. I'd discover about these before identifying how you can keep file and/or "index" points. Request some specific questions regarding your streaming technology, for example:

  • are you able to go forward to some certain point?
  • are you able to visit a particular point?
  • are you able to utilize one stream after one finishes?
  • another play abilities that might help solve this?

If you're able to trigger the playing of the video to go forward to some certain point, you are able to store how long or frames to go forward right from the start and connect these together with your map start. You'd should also "abort" the stream in a certain point, that suits your map finish point.

However, if you can't go forward your stream, you a lot have to break your video file into more compact segments and begin at correct in line with the map point selected. You would have to play multiple files before you achieve the finish point.