I produced a Joomla 1.7 wordpress plugin to include some custom fields towards the account. Like a basis I began using the profile wordpress plugin that's incorporated in Joomla as example.

I added a checkboxes area like below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <fields name="profile">
        <fieldset name="profile" label="PLG_USER_WISPROFILE_SLIDER_LABEL">
            <field name="speltak1" type="checkboxes" label="PLG_USER_WISPROFILE_SPELTAK_LABEL"
                <option value="Bevers">PLG_USER_WISPROFILE_OPTION_BEVERS</option>
                <option value="Welpen Ochtend Horde">PLG_USER_WISPROFILE_OPTION_WELPENOCHTEND
                <option value="Welpen Middag Horde">PLG_USER_WISPROFILE_OPTION_WELPENMIDDAG
                <option value="Scouts Verkenners">PLG_USER_WISPROFILE_OPTION_SCOUTSVERKENNERS
                <option value="Scouts Verkensters">PLG_USER_WISPROFILE_OPTION_SCOUTSVERKENSTERS
                <option value="Explorers">PLG_USER_WISPROFILE_OPTION_EXPLORERS</option>
                <option value="Klimstam">PLG_USER_WISPROFILE_OPTION_KLIMSTAM</option>

This can properly add the area towards the form throughout registration and editing the consumer profile. However when I attempt in order to save the profile there is nothing saved within the database. The checkboxes area is transformed into a array within the $data variable. However the example code can't save this towards the database. Does anybody understand how to do that?

Appears like you're properly intercepting form creation and adding your fields towards the form.

You do not mention any code/functions you're running to capture the shape when it's saved. Possibly you're expecting Joomla to like magic capture your brand-new area data and save it? If that's the case, then regrettably it does not work this way. You have to perform a little work.

See this page in the paperwork and note the 'function onUserAfterSave' portion. http://docs.joomla.org/Creating_a_profile_plugin