I operate a located service and I have to have the ability to monitor just how much bandwidth every customer (Who uses a person subdomain, produced through cPanel) consumes.

Can there be a way to trigger a PHP script to operate whenever a subdomain reaches some bandwidth? If the is not a current solution (I'd guess as possibly a part of among the statistic modules that already exist like Webalizer) then can one possess some suggestions on which it ought to be designed in?

Let me apologize ahead of time because of not supplying exact code here, since I am this is not on a programming machine at this time.. However I found two links which you may have the ability to use:

This consists of information on getting bandwidth information:


How you can call the API1 functions:


Again, I apologize because of not supplying any real code, however, you can at any rate give these a read. I've not got any cPanels to adjust either, but I'll find out if I'm able to grab something later.