This is actually the old link to my blog (wordpress 2.2)


and Im attempting to change it out to


Im moving my content from wp2.2 to wp2.8 and i wish to change all of the groups for that current content from anything how to "classic"

The issue obviously is the fact that a number of my pages have a superior page ranking and I have to maintain this...

this really is being a headache that i can determine.

your assistance is appreciated!

Visit: Or, if you wish to navigate by hand :), see your wordpress dashboard. Within the Configurations menu visit "Permalinks".

Also see for additional detail, particularly the fields to make custom permalinks.


To quote the above mentioned,

Using %category% with multiple groups on the publish, or %tag%

Whenever you assign multiple groups to some publish, just one can display in the permalink. This is the cheapest designated category (see Manage Groups). The publish it's still accessible through all of the groups normally.

Exactly the same factor is applicable to presenting the %tag% area inside your permalink structure.

So... As lengthy as "classic" may be the cheapest designated category you utilize, that will act as the course title within the permalink.

Your alternation in structure however will break any exterior links pointing for your posts so that your page ranking will change too. Regrettably you have to determine which is much more important: altering to permalinks without category names, or maintaining the pagerank of old posts.

Should you just transformed category names, you are able to perform a redirect in htaccess just for the course title, When the relaxation of the URL structure continues to be same, i.e. date and publish title.

Should you transformed not only a cateory title, or don't wish to fool around with htaccess, then use something similar to the Redirection plugin to simply handle redirects.