I wish to test out something totally new learned and what large the likes of Google , yahoo uses. It does not matter basically actually need this but i wish to learn.

I've read many occasions that large online businesses uses c++.

Suppose i've website build in Python and django.

Can anybody suggest us a small example where i'm able to use c++ or c and employ during my existing site.

Frequently occasions C and C++ can be used for performance critical pieces of a big companie's infrastructure (e.g. databases are frequently designed in these languages). However typically individuals have moved from using C or C++ for actual web logic since it is positively awful to enter in. Greater-level languages are nearly always preferred (php, python, ruby, etc.) because of faster turnaround and greater quality (safer) code.

You'll be able to use C and C++ using CGI, nevertheless it makes even moderately-sized websites very hard to maintain.

If you wish to execute C/C++ code around the client side, you are able to take a look at Google Native Client. Basically, it allows you to definitely run C/C++ inside a secure atmosphere and talk to the site itself.