I've articles placed in Joomla that shows Conditions and terms for that site customers. I'd like this to appear inside a shadowbox whenever a user clicks a hyperlink. This is actually the current anchor-text example:

<a href="pathtoarticle.php" rel="shadowbox;height=572;width=975">Terms and Conditions</a>

This calculates ideal for exhibiting the whole web site, but what I must do is simply display the content text around the page (plain having a whitened background). Is in someway possible with shadowbox? If that's the case, how?

In my opinion you will find some components to get this done - but you might want to get creative to get it done without tugging the entire page by having an a href tag.

Within the database there is a particular area that holds that particularly and also you could write just a little querry to simply pull that information particularly and set it within the shadowbox, but what that querry would seem like I am unsure.

This can be done having a div element and css shadow effect.

How you can show/hide div is described here:

The best way to add shadow is described here:

If I am understanding you properly - you need to suppress the modules along with other periphery out of your 'page' when it's loaded within the shadowbox.

Add ?tmpl=aspect of the link to your link.