I have downloaded and installed the Microsoft Virtual PC and Home windows XP mode image for testing IE6. I've several projects on localhost which i access by port amounts during my vhosts file, for instance:

Listen *:82
<VirtualHost *:82>
    DocumentRoot "path/to/htdocs/project-folder/public/"

Within the virtual machine I've transformed the hosts file to ensure that 'http://mymachin'e redirects to my root localhost directory (equivilant to 'http://localhost:80/').

How do you setup the virtual machine to ensure that 'http://project-n/' would go to the right localhost port? But yet, 'http://mymachine:82/' does not get the job done =(

Around the virtual computer, within the hosts file I've added

xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx      project-n.dev

in which the x's are my host computer's ip.

During my host computer systems httpd-vhosts.conf file I transformed the *:80 port to localhost:80. I'm not sure why this works, exactly that it will.

My httpd-vhosts.conf file now appears like:

<VirtualHost localhost:80>
    DocumentRoot "path/to/htdocs/"

<VirtualHost *:81>
    DocumentRoot path/to/htdocs/project-a/"

<VirtualHost *:82>
    DocumentRoot path/to/htdocs/project-b/public"

Now, within the virtual pc, after i goto 'http://project-n:81/' it'll load project-a, and'http://project-n:82' loads project-b/public =D