I'm presently learning PHP, I learn how to access my websites in the localhost computer, but how do you view my sites using their company computer systems?


You'll need a static IP-Address / Domain to visit your server using their company computer systems.

you may create one free of charge to check here

You simply need the Ip of the computer. Run ur application on any computer within the network with this Ip.

http://ur ip/title

same for each computer within the network

if your site is located and domain continues to be registered than you need to have the ability to access your website through domain title.

And when domain title isn't registered or propagated yet than you need to access via ip.

Your webhost should sent you particulars how you can access your internet space. And normally webhost also give back initial ftp particulars or how to setup etc.

The typical approach would be to develop in your local system, then publish your website / scripts etc to some machine located with a specialized provider to ensure that others to gain access to your website.

If you are inside a college / college, they frequently have free space you should use, just like many domestic ISPs ie broadband companies. You may also purchase the hosting service.

The hosting space you decide to go with have to have PHP enabled for the scripts to operate. If you are utilizing a local database, this will have to be replicated to the remote machine also.