I am creating a website using Wordpress as my Framework. The templates are highly personalized and extremely does not use a lot of Wordpress's features. I simply apply it signing up customers and create a couple of articles in some places.

Among the templates is really a product template. Within this template I retrieve product information according to product ID submitted the URL.

What I wish to do, would be to take info out of this product and combine it with my <meta> tags.

Based on Wodpress documentation, headers are loaded before templates.

So, how do i add meta tag information according to data loaded during my template?

Must i query the database "againInch within the header to be able to retrieve the information wanted?

I understand Wordpress has some functionality with this, since article game titles could be retrieved within the header file. But I am not shure the way i can employ this.

Despite the fact that header is loaded before template, couple of global variable can be found before header is loaded and $post is one which hold publish data + metadata.

So that you can access publish meta in header too.

global $post;
echo get_post_meta($post->ID, 'ur_meta_key', true);