This really is my very first time using joomla. I'm not sure if I am using the idea of a message in the wrong manner, but I've got a E Mail Us menu that i have produced and I have added the information in. I am searching to include a sentence oe a couple of text over the information &lifier the e-mail contact page. There does not appear to become a method of carrying this out through the administration page. Shall we be held doing the best factor? what should i do basically want this?

If you want it over the information you need to make use of a layout-override. There's no method of doing this with the admin after sales. In Joomla 1. it had been only possible having a hack, now in Joomla 1.5 there's the potential of layout override.

This article shows what it is done.

If you wish to view it live, install the beez template, that has overrides for pretty much all core aspects of Joomla. So that you can check how beez will it after which make a move similar with your personal template.

Not quite over the contact details but over the e-mail form you should use the "Miscellaneous Info" area to place any other Data.

You can test making your personal custom contact page. You have to result in the Custom HTML Contact Page even though using sendmail() purpose of PHP. If you have been PHP based contact forms available on the web. Use 'Jumi' Wordpress plugin to link the send button using the php code. Everything works perfectly enjoy it should. I made use of it to create among my contact forms.