I am using Dreamhost's WordPress, Subversion, and Trac installations. My Subversion databases are in /repos/[projectname] and my Trac installations are in /trac/[projectname]. I additionally possess some other sites, for example /webapps/[appname] for web programs that i'm focusing on. However, basically visit /trac/[projectname] during my browser, Wordpress delivers a 404 - making sense, there is no Wordpress page at this URL.

I wondered if this can be associated with some plug ins that I am running. I am likely to begin by crippling all my plug ins and turn them on 1 by 1. However, I disabled all of them (as well as totally reset my theme towards the default) and also the same behavior was experienced.

I am unsure if this sounds like something I actually do programatically or with the administration console, also it really does not matter, however i did not see anything within the console, so I am speculating it's programatic (which explains why I am asking here). I simply need to identify sites that I'm not going Wordpress to deal with.

This really is stock WordPress behavior - its clean Web addresses work by redirecting all demands that do not match a current file or directory to WordPress's index.php, which in turn handles in line with the URL.

The next inside your .htaccess prior towards the WordPress RewriteRules should exclude individuals sites out of this behavior.

RewriteRule ^(trac|repos|webapps) - [L]