I'm utilizing a wordpress blog and that i want results in are available in to visit be via email after which get refered to a different website using the values already completed?

I wish to use php, however i uses something that works.

does anybody understand how to do that?

In HTML, when marking-up an application, you are able to specify default values. So for instance:

   <input name="firstName" value="John">
   <input name="lastName"  value="Doe">
   <button type="submit">

So, when the user submits data in the first form, you are able to write the HTML within the second page using the user's information place into the shape already. Automatically it will likely be there, but it may be edited again if he/she selects.

I do not use Wordpress, but I am sure you are able to grab the information from the first form, then emit exactly the same when producing the following page.