Actually I am using netbeans to build up a quick interface to include and alter data back and forth from a database. This program is straightforward, it includes a JTable that's certain to a table during my database. I would like something which needs minimal quantity of code possible.

I wish to have the ability to modify and add rows. this short article shows how you can bind data to my JTable :

The very first issue is that after I edit a cell, it does not alternation in the database. The 2nd issue is that I wish to have the ability to give a connect to the table. Then your last issue is that you will find relations between a number of my tables and I wish to possess a type of a combobox within the foreign key's rows to link the row from the current table to a different row of some other Table. However , I do not cash time to get this done myself, therefore if there's a method to get it done instantly I's be thankful.


There is no method of doing this instantly which i are conscious of.

A good, wizard-produced binding between UI grids and relational tables is generally obtainable in classic VB or .Internet, but less in Java.

It really means you need to implement Audience that react to Swing occasions and carry out the appropriate actions on the relational table using JDBC.

Google tells me that NetBeans has some facilities for carrying this out, but I'm not sure whether then could be externalized outdoors the IDE.

Time you need to do here's your concern.