I've got a joomla website, that we lately moved and I am getting issues with file permissions. The simple fix is always to change all of the folders and files permission to 0777, do whatever I have to do, after which change it well. I do not think that's possible anyway - to alter them all at one time make everything because it was.

Another solution is always to switch permissions to user Apache from cpanel. Can One do this? How? The other options have i got?


You are able to alter the file/folder permission while using cpanel.

  1. Just login for your cpanel,
  2. there you'll find a option known as "File Manager".
  3. Simply click on that, it'll list all of your files and folders inside a table in the window.

    Within the table, in the last column which is named as "Perms". Just click the column akin to the file/folder that you wish to alter the permission.

Well it works out that you simply can't alter the owner in the cpanel. My solution ended up being to contact my hosting and also have me moved to a different server of their own that used FastCGI, which made my files' owner Apache (rather than null, or nobody, what it really was before).

I could not find my answer on the web, I needed to request them plus they provided that solution.