Ok now its basically i've produced a openssl certificate with php however when i notice, it shows me exactly the same released by and released to how do you alter the released by things now we all know that we have to give a ca while filling out the certificate from openssl_csr_sign() like

openssl_csr_sign ( mixed $csr , mixed $cacert , mixed $priv_key , int $days [, array $configargs [, int $serial = ]] )

where $cacert may be the ca certificate and supply a ca certificate inside it however when i actually do it does not inflict changes my primary guess is the fact that i must edit the openssl.cnf however i do not get it where you can edit to obtain this result.

Unless of course I am misunderstanding you, whether it's a self signed/ self released certificate, that's how it will likely be. You need a 3rd party certificate from the reliable source (verisign etc.) if you wish to possess a valid "reliable" certificate released by someone apart from yourself.

I believe enter link description here could be helpful for you, that I have certificated a CSR with my very own RootCA.