We've been hounded by an problem within our websites because web protection facility pages like ones from Norton continue telling certain site visitors in a few browsers our websites are potential risks because we connect to a particular http://something.abnormal.com/ (sample URL only).

I have been attempting to scour the website page by page, with no success.

My question, are you aware any web site that will have the ability to "crawl" into our website's pages after which see if any text, image, whatever inside them links towards the abnormal URL that continues annoying.

Thanks a lot! :)

What you would like is really a 'spider' application. I personally use the spider in 'Burp Suite' but you will find a variety of free, cheap and costly ones.

The positive thing about Burp is that you could have it to spider the whole site then look at each page for anything you want, may it be something to complement a regex or dynamic content etc.