I authored up a publish in WordPress that incorporated some code samples. I made use of the "preformatted" style for that code sample, which provides a pleasant monospace font and does not ruin multiple spaces, and everything looks great...

...with the exception that it's small! The written text from the code samples arrives at something absurdly small, like 8 pt or something like that. The HTML is not much help it's only creating this text by wrapping it inside a <pre> tag. And So I figure unhealthy size setting needs to be originating from my style sheet.

I'm not sure a factor about CSS, though, and seeking to appear with the style sheet is not very useful. Does anybody understand how I'm able to find what's leading to the <pre> tag to create small text and tweak it to create the written text size bigger?

You need to have the ability to give a style like so:

pre {
    font-size: 12pt;

CSS enables you to definitely apply styling to bar-level products in addition to classes and ID's.

Inside your CSS, place the following:

pre { font-size: 16px; }

There might be a number of different stylesheets inside your Wordpress installation and you've got to see all of them, to be able to discover what's leading to the issue. You need to look for a meaning of "pre", but, given you do not know much about CSS, you might want to do several tests to discover which you need to alter.

In my opinion an simpler strategy is to set up a wordpress plugin for code clips, for example this.

Look for "pre" within the CSS files, there's most likely a font-size value defined. You are able to change this to some bigger value to improve the dimensions. Here's a good example styling pre tags.