Please are you able to assist with a guideline about this requirement?

I've this requirement that some site visitors to my website will have to login and become provided use of an Accounts page. This site will contain a listing of links added through the site administrator which just result in pages with specific contents.

Every page/link is exclusive to some user(Account). No two user is ever going to need to see one page.

Help me. I simply require a guide, you don't have to spoon feed me.

Thanks ahead of time.

First factor you will want to do is hide the standard dashboard for the drenched in site visitors. The Hide Dashboard plugin will help you with this. After you have got drenched in site visitors skipping the dashboard on and on straight to their personal unique profile page you will want to start inhabiting that profile page using the relevant dynamic content. The Extra User Details plugin appears like it may be a great fit for the needs there...

Best of luck!