I'm focusing on a iOS application by which I'd like customers to have the ability to access a table view listing of blog publish game titles. Your blog is self-located and works on the Wordpress platform. Your blog is related to some twitter account to ensure that every time a new publish goes live, a brand new tweet is produced using the publish title and also the url. I believed which i could retrieve the twitter feed and place the tweets into my table but I'm not sure if that is the simplest/the easy way get it done. Does anybody have ideas?

You might like to setup an RSS to UITableView rather than getting within the twitter API to complete the job for you personally. Should you keep your UITableView determined by the Twitter API, you're inducing one more, undesirable degree of data dependency. Use RSS increase the UITableViews. You may make use of this: http://dblog.com.au/iphone-development/rss-reader-part-4-setting-up-the-uitabbar-and-uitableview-with-delegates/ although I am unsure if this sounds like what you're searching for.