I've 2 posts: first_title, last_title. There you have it.

Whenever a user looks for a title, I would like both posts to do something as you. (like a full title).

Then when someone looks for "Alex Manley", I would like it to query both posts as though these were one column.

Will something similar to this help:

ALTER TABLE your_table_name ADD FULLTEXT(first_name, last_name);

You are able to concat the posts together to look in it so that a simply query would seem like this:

create temporary table test(n1 varchar(10), n2 varchar(10));
insert into test values('tommy','bobby');

select * from test where n1+n2='tommybobby';

| n1     | n2     |
| tommy  | bobby  |

Full more complex Full Text searching it may sound like you need to make use of the Match function.

SELECT n1, n2 FROM test
AGAINST ('+tommy +bobby' IN BOOLEAN MODE);

See MySQL FULLTEXT Indexing and Searching for more information. *edited because I didn't remember concerning the minimum word size.

Use concat inside your query.


select conact(first_name, last_name) as fullname from ...

detailed description you'll find here: