I'd have believed this is a local feature (since joomla enables you to definitely connect contacts with user accounts) but we can not find any method of doing this! does anybody are conscious of any extensions/modules that will allow this?

I am not too hot on PHP so i'd love to not need to code this manually!

It is really an old thread, but as it is still opened up you may haven't found an answer yet. I faced exactly the same problem myself and i believe getting a chance to manage contacts in the frontend is a vital feature for Joomla! being more functional like a simple webapp creation tool.

Anyway, you will find a few extensions that can help you out of trouble. However, both of them are commercial and do not support Joomla! 1.6. These are:

  1. Front-edit address book: simple interface. Note, however, there may well be a security problem with it. Google "front-edit address book exploits" and also you shall think it is (sorry, stackoverflow allows me publish a max of two links per thread since I am a new user). I e-mailed the developer and that he assured me the problem had been fixed, though.

  2. Grumpy contacts: around the demo site (there is a link in the page I pointed you to definitely), it looked just a little untidy to my taste. Within the Joomla! Extensions Directory, however, it's good reviews.

I not used at all any one of individuals since my projects happen to be migrated to Joomla! 1.6.

Should you found another alternative meanwhile as well as developed something yourself, please tell me.

Would you try within the user menu? Another option is install Community Builder. Best of luck!

Contacts in Joomla are addressed by the builtin com_contacts compoment which supplies fundamental functionality for adding contacts plus some fundamental info in the back-finish.

QContacts is an excellent extension which provides you more treatments for the information you are able to provide, but nonetheless no front-finish support.

Regrettably I'm dealing with this problem too also it works out you will find no real out-of-the-box choices for supporting front-finish editing of information.