I'm able to obtain the comments to show around the webpage, however i was getting 3 pretty major bugs. Among individuals bugs ended away with by having an if statement. I'm while using Yoko theme. In index.php I've got a code snippet placed between <?php get_template_part( 'content', get_post_format() ); ?> and <?php endwhile; ?>. The placed code is: <?php if ($withcomments != 1) { $withcomments = "1"; comments_template(); } ?>.

The issue I'm getting would be that the first blog publish has got the comments displayed outdoors from the publish itself. Another issue is most likely unrelated to exhibiting your comments ought to so I won't publish it here, however it involves some pictures overlapping using the comments. You can observe (if they're still up) the issues for action at www.flyfishingpursuits.org . Please not publish any comments around the page. I'm carrying this out for another person and please keep the "footprint" on the website non-existent. Thanks.

I'd make use of the wordpress get_comments() function