I'm wondering if anybody understood how to develop a fixture.yml from data that's already established within the database?

As possible make use of the build-schema to develop a schema, it is possible to method of doing that for data?

symfony propel:build-schema

I discovered a solution inside a mail archive. The consumer uses

symfony propel:data-dump > fixture.yml

I simply needed to do that under symfony 1.2 and Doctrine.

symfony doctrine:data-dump

This dumps the whole database to data/fittings/data.yml. I'd loaded some data towards the database having a .sql file and wanted it as being a fixture for my live database. I simply edited the information.yml file lower towards the database table I desired.

The choice ended up being to write some code to see the database table and output it in YAML format.

In symfony 1.4 you need to simply write:

./symfony doctrine:data-dump

and also you obtain the file data/fixtures/data.yml


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In Symfony 1. make use of the command:

$ php symfony propel-dump-data  <APPLICATION_NAME> <FIXTURES_DIR_OR_FILE> [<ENVIRONMENT_NAME>]

In versions 1.1 and 1.2 make use of the following command:

$ php symfony propel:data-dump <APPLICATION_NAME> [<TARGET>] [--env=<ENVIRONMENT_NAME>]