There exists a mobile web application that is almost done, but we've one major obstacle left. We've created a mobile version using the existing primary site infrastructure already in position supplying the majority of the java back-finish functionality.

To create a lengthy story short, the DBA who setup the "automatic mapping miracle" for that primary website is no more around, and we're not sure what must be completed to understand this automatic mapping to occur. We clearly want customers to have the ability to just key in and never the entire road to the index page. Our primary site index page and mobile index page need to be within the root folder, and that we do understand how to setup a in a different way named index page in Apache.

We presently have three regions (dev/test/push), so when implementing WAR files to every region, we do not have to change anything within the WAR, and it is "wise enough" to operate in most three regions. By work, I am talking about it sorts the pathways and puts stuff within the proper path whichever from the three regions we're implementing to (i.e., nothing needs to be transformed). The servers are UNIX boxes, and despite the fact that the URL may be, behind the true path around the UNIX box is one thing a lot more like opt/abc/mobile_files/dev_abc opt/abc/mobile_files/test_abc and opt/abc/mobile_files/prod_abc for example.