I am getting an issue getting customers within who're inside our domain as well as in the right active directory group(s) to have the databases. I'm not so familiar with the security, nor using Subversion positively like a developer.

This can be a critical problem to become resolved as our designers are increasingly more a part of virtual teams needing use of one centralized group of databases.

I am unsure precisely what you are asking, but when it's what It is, you may want to set the search base to something nearer to the main from the tree.

Eg, if you possess the base set to something similar to:


Try draining from the ou:


You'll should also make certain the search scope is sub not one.

The only issue pops up once the uid (or whatever you are using because the login) is not unique across departments I am unsure how you'd handle that. (I suppose it is possible, when i know I log into some systems using 'realm/user', I simply have no idea how you'd map that to something for 'AuthLDAPURL', that you would be utilising within this situation)

For any introduction to developing an AuthLDAPURL, see Subversion with Apache and LDAP: Updated or RFC2255