Well, the details :

  • I am a php programmer (php4/5) and object since many years.
  • I personally use to operate PHP Framework (especially Zend Framework)

Inside my work, we must work Joomla for many website. I needed to develop components, modules, plug ins, and that i were built with a thought. Just about all customers of Joomla aren't developper, just customers, whom does not learn about guidelines, etc.. I scratched my mind for a lot of hrs, searching at lessons, documentation, but all i discovered was API documentation that is frequently incomplete. I attempted on Joomla Forum, same, only classic customer clarified to my programming question but inviting me to download this extension or that one... Same goes with IRC.

So Joomla might be nice (even when i do not think things i typed) in some instances. But adapting Joomla to me appears in my experience a large total waste of time. As I might have authored some nice multiple-use library for Zend Framework, with time develop our very own Content management systems.

Should you continue milw0rm.com you'll be surprised on the amount of exploit existing...

The Joomla code may also be really poor in quality.

Enough for that moments.

So my real question is : How could i make understand to my chief that Joomla is evil ? Without lead him to feeling weak due to his choice or embarasse him. Incidentally, what exactly are your cons about Joomla ?

Why don't you simply send them a polite email - or sit lower together and explain that which you just described to us?

You should not hesitate to speak with your manager - s/he may become your superior, but I am confident that you've made a polite suggestion to enhance security, efficiency or any other factors, they'll think about all of you the greater.

Daniel May and Jason give great solutions.

I'll increase them by saying this: Before you decide to speak poorly in regards to a current problem, prepare yourself having a better alternative and explain the choice whenever you explain the issue for your boss.

So that as Scott Vercuski states, "Be polite."

Hit him within the pocketbook. Tell him quantitatively the professionals of the method and also the cons of Joomla. Money talks.

I'd engage with your manager and start preparing precisely what you are searching to see and do if Joomla continues to fit to your preferred framework. Might be you are while using wrong tool to do the job.

Determine what you require and when Joomla is not the best tool to do the job it ought to be readily apparent. The you are able to present your options. The difficult part is going to be attempting to convince your coworkers to stop timeOrcash that was already spent to integrate Joomla to your enterprise. Usually it is a very hard task to finish a project and completely scrap it so be ready for a constant fight.

All the best for you !

EDIT: To increase what Daniel stated, most importantly, be polite. Starting attorney at law with "Joomla is evil" is not likely to help. Nicely explain your perspective, the reason why you think Joomla is leading to issues, what future issues it'll cause and identify good quality options. You will need a compelling situation with the pieces within the right order to obtain management support.