Can there be something you always need to do? I've got a DailyRazor .Internet Starter account, however it will not run my MVC application. Any ideas?

I've approached support however they stated it will work, but it is not... Thought maybe someone here may help me faster.

I have experienced this with Gearhost.

Your host must install the next in your IIS server:

They have to encourage the following configurations:

Whether it's running IIS 6 on Home windows 2003:

  • Enable Wildcard Mappings: (1), (2)

Whether it's running IIS 7 on Home windows 2008, then you don't have to do anything whatsoever.


Relating to your Linq error which means they most likely not have the correct version from the .Internet Framework installed. I'd open a ticket and request them. When they appear reluctant to assist in order to change your server, you will find lots of hosts which will, and that i could make recommendations if you want.

It may sound such as the host doesn't have the most recent version from the .internet framework installed (3.5) , or when they do, your internet application is possibly established to make use of an older version of asp.internet.

Also, when they are actually running on IIS6, you will find a couple of extra steps they might have to do:

Try copying the MVC devices (System.Web. Abstractions, MVC, and Routing) for your Bin folder.

In mention of the your error, you can test adding the machine.Linq dll for your bin folder to ascertain if that will get eliminate that error. Does your host have .Internet 3.5 installed?

You have to copy System.Core.dll for your Bin folder.

Alternatively, request DailyRazor to set up .Internet 3.5. (They may not listen, though)