How do you hide the "html upload" part when expensive is enabled within the browser with SWFUpload? I looked the Wordpress source code to determine how they are doing. There is a configurations parameter towards the SWFUpload object that appears such as this:

custom_settings : {
    degraded_element_id : "html-upload-ui", // id of the element displayed when swfupload is unavailable
    swfupload_element_id : "flash-upload-ui" // id of the element displayed when swfupload is available

I have put these ID amounts towards the div elements. However I haven't determined things i must do more to really make it work.

Help me to simply have it working, by any means.

<style type="text/css">#divname { display: none; } </style>

Display hidden helps make the element hide, however it still occupies space. Display none helps make the element occupy no space, but it is still within the Web coding, exactly that it will nothing, like it's said out.