I have heard I ought to use Apache for serving static files inside a production atmosphere. I am getting some problems focusing on how I am supposed to achieve that though. My project's static URL is /static/, and django.contrib.admin's static path is /static/admin/. Individuals are two completely separate sites on my small server, and that i can hardly do that:

Alias /static /path/to/site.com/static
Alias /static/admin /usr/local/.../django/contrib/admin/media

Given that they overlap.

How shall we be held supposed to get this done? Will I need to copy the contrib admin static folder into my very own?

First of all, no-one states you need to serve your admin static files in the same base path because the others. You are able to set ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX to anything you like.

However, surely the simplest factor is simply to include a symlink out of your static folder to django/contrib/admin/media.

Common option would be using /media/ for admin media static files, so it may be in configurations.py


as well as in virtual host config:

Alias /media /path/to/django/contrib/admin/media/
<Location /media>
    SetHandler None