I am creating a wordpress wordpress plugin that must have the ability to identify if the presently active theme has widget-capable sidebars, to ensure that it knows whether or not this can also add icons or otherwise. So, how do you identify if the current theme is widget-aware?

You will be glad to listen to there's a few variables which Wordpress uses:

$wordpress_registered_sidebars and $wordpress_registered_icons

Then, according to wordpress-admin/icons.php:

$sidebars = array_secrets($wordpress_registered_sidebars)

Remember, WordPress performs this itself - if you will find no widget-read sidebars inside a theme, the icons.php page informs you so (should you take a look at wordpress-admin/icons.php within the core, you will see how, but individuals 2 variables would be the foundation of it)

There's not good way without setting up the theme and seeking it to find out when the sidebars and icons Actually work. I have a spare domain only for testing styles and icons in WordPress. WordPress is an excellent tool (I run a minimum of twelve domain names by using it), however, many styles are flaky.

Another factor to check is whether or not the icons appear properly whenever you insert them in a particular sidebar. I have found several styles that copy the widget data in the left sidebar right side bar and visa-versa.

The default sidebars (without any icons added) aren't anything such as the side bars that you will get when you begin moving icons around.

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