I attempted everything I possibly could think about, however i always understand this error after i attempt to start the Apache FtpServer service.

Home windows couldn't start the Apache FtpServer on Local Computer. To learn more, evaluate the System Event Log. If this sounds like a non-Microsoft service, contact the service vendor, and make reference to service-specific error code .

Has anybody got Apache FtpServer to be the Home windows service in Home windows 7 as well as Home windows Vista?


  1. My Java_HOME atmosphere variable is placed as c:java and I've got a symbolic link, connecting ezinearticles towards the longer C:Program FilesJavajdk1.6._17.
  2. I additionally have another symbolic link pointing c:ftp towards the longer C:Program Files (x86)Apache Software Foundationapache-ftpserver-1..3.
  3. The only real reason Used to do any one of this to begin with happens because I had been reading through that many people were getting issues with spaces or lengthy path names, however i attempted physically moving the sites too, all with similar error.

I'd exactly the same problem today using apache ftpser 1..5., the mistake message was "Unsuccessful setting up 'ftpd' service".

The answer ended up being to start the DOS command spend as "Administrator".